Element Restaurant


Adjacent to the Hanford House Inn, we are a team of baristas, servers and cooks working together to create an experience for all our customers and the community.  Element offers a breakfast and brunch menu 6 days per week with a full spirit and specialty espresso/coffee bar.  Striving for a balance between creative and recognizable comfort, items such as the Hanford House Benny featuring housemade citrus hollandaise sauce and soppressata are part of the breakfast experience. The restaurant has a lively and casual dining atmosphere with pet friendly outdoor patio seating. (In addition there is a separate private room rental space available)

Furthermore, we want to be welcoming and approachable, authentic on all levels and engaged in our community in and outside of work.  Worldwide, cafes/restaurants are utilized as a gathering and meeting space for friends, family, local businesses and entrepreneurs. Over coffee, tea or food, ideas and creativity is shared and incubated. Supporting local creatives we display rotations of art on and around our walls. We hope to be that vehicle and said "place"!

Join us to celebrate food, friends, family, and the community.