SUPPERS @ Element

an artistic evening of food + community………………join us

FRIDAY, 10/25 5-9pm

Traveling to different countries and a shared appreciation of their respective cultures, Athena and Lucy have a vision to create an interpretation of those fond experiences for all of us here.  Conversations morphed into the idea of an on-going once a month evening neighborhood hub where one can enjoy the arts, food, beverages and community in a fun lively environment.  With that said, incorporating creativity on different layers whether it be the presentation and combination of food textures, artist’s pieces, or simply listening to other's stories or music. Please feel free to get up and meander throughout the restaurant and Inn. Kids are highly encouraged to join, parents we do have a fun creative station in the upper area with a drawing/coloring board as well as a large lego building block table for them to enjoy and hang out amongst each other!

Every third Friday a month (with the exception of March & April on the the second Friday) we invite everyone to dine with us. Lucy and Athena will have a new seasonal supper menu of which you select from whichever dish, featured cocktails, wine as well as a full spirit and espresso bar. We will display local art within the restaurant and Inn.

UPDATE *Thanks SO much for the support and liveliness you all have brought to our monthly Suppers! As we've completed a few Suppers now ("trial runs") behind the scenes we have been trying to nail down the ebb and flow and what works with our space, kitchen and for our guests.

We have now implemented reservation slots for parties of 5+ people, please call to coordinate and we will do our best to accomodate. Otherwise it is first come first served for all others.

However, to make this work for everyone there are a few requirements as follows.  A credit card is required at time of booking, furthermore must call by 8:00am the morning of Supper should you need to cancel or adjust number in party to ensure the $25/person no-show/change fee won't be applied. We will hold your reservation for up to 15 minutes for all guests to arrive otherwise will have to release it.  We will not seat your reservation until all has arrived.   We must implement this policy to ensure fairness to all our patrons, thank you for understanding.

Please email if you would like to be added to the mailing list for these specific events or have interest in participating as a local/regional artist.