SUPPERS @ element

an artistic evening of food + community………………is about to happen this FRIDAY, 11/30 5-9pm

Traveling to different countries and a shared appreciation of their respective cultures, myself, Athena Padilla-Gordon and dear friend Lucy Gore have a vision to create an interpretation of those fond experiences.   Our conversations morphed into the idea of an on-going evening neighborhood hub where one can enjoy the arts, food, beverages and our community.  With that said, we hope you experience creativity on different layers whether it be the presentation and combination of food textures, artists pieces, or simply listening to other's stories or music. There will be a small kid friendly station to enjoy coloring, building blocks and camaraderie. 

November 30th from 5-9pm, we will have food, drinks and local art but please bear with us as we will be experimenting and exposing the framework on a modified level of what's to come on Friday Dec 21, 5-9PM, our maiden voyage on winter solstice day. Sorry, no reservations at this time for these evening events.

Thereafter, every third Friday a month, Lucy and I will have a new seasonal menu, will display different local artists work and/or music and just hope ya'll have a great evening amongst each other.  Thank you for your support and hope to see you again next month for Suppers @ Element!

Please email if you would like to be added to the mailing list for these specific events or have interest in participating as a local/regional artist.